whois command —in Kali Linux to Explore Domain Details


Is it really hard to discover the Domain Details? Can anyone explore such things? If Yes then how?

This article, unfolds the complete methodology to get the Full Details of any Domain.

Well, we can use two methods to explore the Domain Details:

  1. By using “whois” Kali Linux command
  2. By using online source “whois.com”

Let us gothrough the first method..!

1. whois kali Linux command

whois command”  in Kali Linux is an utility tool to list and find the detailed domain information in all the Linux-based operating system. If this command is used properly, then it can even identifies Unknown and distant hosts, and Net-admins.

Some of the attributes in domain details, are:

  • Registrar
  •  Admin
  •  Tech
  •  Name Server
  •  Geographical Location
  •  IP history

Getting Started with installation first

Inorder to install whois command in Mint, Ubuntu, Debian and Kali type the following command without quotes:

” sudo apt install whois “

Note: Latest versions of Kali Linux Comes pre-loaded with whois client.

And for installing whois command in Fedora,RHEL and CentOS type the following command without quotes:

” sudo yum install whois “

Syntax to use whois command in Kali Linux

whois < name of the website with extention/ ip address >

Here are some example demonstrating how to use it.

Example 1: For “google.com” domain

whois command site name

Example 2: For domain with IP address “ “:

whois command ip address

From the above two example it can be noted that behaviour of whois instruction is differernt for IP address and website name.

  • With IP Address, we get information about addresses, Net-Handle, Net-Type, Organizational details and much more.
  • With site-name,we get information about Registrar details and Registrar URL. 

For more details about whois command simply type the following command without quotes in the terminal.

“whois –help”

whois command help

2. Using  whois online

Inorder to gather domain detail online, Open the website “whois.com” and then type the website name and that’s all.

whois command online

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