Whatsapp Hang Message

Whatsapp Hang Message — Secret Revealed

Can a Simple Black Spot Crash Your WhatsApp? But How?

Lets see, it’s Actually Pretty Easy

Now a days a Whatsapp Hang Message with the content that, “if you touch the black point then your whatsapp will hang” is becoming quite popular and is shared by the many people. And by chance if you touch that black dot, your whatsapp application hangs, regardless of whether just quickly.

Whatsapp Hang Message

There are really a couple of ways that you can disturb a simple messanging client, and one of them is by including images it doesn’t perceive. For this situation, it’s not the conspicuous dark spot here causing the issue, but it is the white space directly after it.

When you change over the message into HTML you can see exactly how fiendish this harmless little message is. That redundancy of “‎ &rlm:” are actually something that is known as a control character. In HTML, this means the arrangement of a bit of content that may be unique in relation to that of the content around it.

Whatsapp message Converted to html

For instance, in case you’re composing a Word archive in Urdu, the content keeps running from right to left. Now, if you want to put an English word in here, it’ll be mixed by that arrangement. Instead, you utilize this control character to indicate this word is rather adjusted left to right ($lrm;).

For this situation to happen, the maker of this message can use them in multiple to immediately overwhelm your WhatsApp (atleast for Android clients). You don’t see it either because this is an invisible character. That is the reason, with a touch interface, tapping on the initial segment of text here does nothing, while tapping on anything after is the thing that causes the application to hang.

So still we call this whatsapp magic. No, it’s not WhatsApp magic, only a troll with specialized information and a lot of time staring them in the face.

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