UPSC site and Aadhar software hacked by Doraemon photo



The Union Public Service Commission’s (UPSC) official site got hacked on Monday evening. The main page of the site, overseen by the Central government demonstrated the photo of well-known cartoon character ‘Doraemon’ with an energized heart on it. The photo additionally had a layer of text written on it, saying “Doraemon!!!! Pick the call”. It likewise had one more inscription at the base of the page – “I. M. STEWPEED”. The Doraemon picture additionally had the cartoon’s title track playing out of sight.

Outstandingly, the site was hacked around a similar time when the admit card for Mains exams were being distributed. The site was reestablished on Tuesday morning, September 11.

The reports of the UPSC site being hacked surfaces after different clients took to web-based social networking to report the same. The greater part of them were competitors of UPSC exam who unearthed the Doraemon picture while they went to the site for the most recent data on the common administration’s examination. A couple of them even involved PM Modi’s Twitter handle with their tweets, featuring the gravity of the circumstance. Significantly more denounced the hacking and requested more safety efforts against cybersecurity risk.

The user, Somdev Sangwan, said that he has done the reverse image search which helped him to get some clues about the hacker.

Also, HuffPost India investigation has found that Aadhaar software, used to enroll the new members, has been hacked with the cartoon image of Doraemon. And the investigators claimed that they have got the solution for this hack and they working on it.

The site guarantees that:

This resolution gives a client a chance to bypass some basic security highlights like biometric confirmation of enrolment administrators to produce unapproved Aadhaar numbers.

This resolution debilitates the enrolment application’s in-constructed GPS security highlight. The GPS security highlight is operated by UIDAI to recognize the physical area of each enrolment Kendra. Debilitating this security include implies that any administrator can get to it from any piece of the world.

This resolution additionally lessens the affectability of the UIDAI application’s iris-acknowledgment framework. This makes it simpler for unapproved administrators to utilize the photo of an enlisted administrator as opposed to requiring the administrator to be available physically.

This application resolution is allegedly accessible at just Rs 2,500, claims the HuffPost report.

There is something written as a note that the admit cards for the Mains exam for UPSC have been distributed, which can be downloaded from UPSC’s official site i.e., – or The UPSC Mains Exam will be conducted on October 1, 2018.

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