Uber pay-out $148m for concealing a data breach in 2016

Uber will have to Payout $148 Million as a Settlement for 2016 Uber data breach which impacts 57 million Uber customers across the world and 600,000 drivers names including their permit numbers were stolen in the US.


The data leak occurred in October 2016 and the breached information involves names, email and cell phone numbers that are connected with Uber accounts.

The case was documented against Uber for abusing Pennsylvania’s information breach notice law. Around 13,500 Pennsylvania Uber drivers were influenced by the rupture.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro said-
“Uber violated Pennsylvania law by failing to put our residents on timely notice of this data breach.”

Uber endeavored to conceal the breach by paying $100,000 to the hacker.

“The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s case against Uber was settled as part of the national settlement announced today, which will require to pay $148 million to the 51 participating Attorneys General and Uber drivers.” 

The settlement consented to make client information safe, secure password policies, third-party to asses Uber’s information security endeavors and to execute corporate integrity program.

Things Need to be followed after Data Breach

If you are a client of an association, that has endured an information breach, you would need to know the procedure to moderate the impact of the information rupture and do it rapidly.

This procedure will contrast, in light of the circumstance encompassing the rupture and the helplessness of the stolen data. Imperatively, think about the present circumstance:

  • Confirm that the rupture has occurred, influencing your information
  • What sort of information breach has occurred?
  • Was your information or credentials influenced in the information rupture?
  • Has any information concerning your own data been stolen, or is the breach more compelled?
  • Do you have confirmation that the cybercriminals have done anything with your private information?

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