Torrentz2 EU – Alternative Clones for Torrentz

Torrentz2 EU best Alternative for Torrentz search engine.

torrentz2 eu


Torrentz2 eu , an unofficial clone of Torrentz was launched in August 2016 after the shutdown of torrentz. It initially indexed 60 Million torrents.

It provides the same experience as Torrentz but does not allow client to make bookmarks, comments, or votes as yet. is at the top list of clone websites and is the popular torrent indexers currently. It provides music, videos, games, documents, files, softwares, etc.

Torrentz was initially created by Flippy on 15 July 2003, and now is no longer available. Torrentz uses meta-search engines, they redirect to other torrent sites to download the content required. The actual reason for the shutdown of the torrentz is still unknown and now the users are using its alternatives.

Alternatives of Torrentz Search Engine:

1-  Torrentz2 EU
torrentz2 eu

2-  Torrentz4


3-  torrentz3


5-  utorrent2

6-  utorrentz2

You can download torrent files from torrentz2 eu and open the downloaded torrent files in µTorrent to download your desired content. uTorrent has a good balance of features, lightness, and ease of use.  Files are easy to find and download from torrent.

To Download µTorrent for windows click here.
To download µTorrent for Android Mobile click here.

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