snapchat source code leaked

Snapchat source code leaked on GitHub by a Pakistani Hacker

snapchat hacked

The source code of the famous social networking application Snapchat was leaked by the hacker on August 7, and posted on the GitHub, a code repository which is owned by Microsoft.

A GitHub with handle i5xx having account named Khaled Alshehri, accepted to be from village of Tando Bago in Pakistan’s southeastern Sindh province. He built a GitHub repository having name Source-Snapchat with description ” Source Code for SnapChat “. And finally he uploaded the source code of Snapchat’s iOS app.

The profile of this person is linked to an online business service in Saudi Arabia, which sells iTunes giftcards, google play cards, and other tech services related to security.

This source code could reveal the company’s confidential data, such as its design, working and the upcoming features which are about to release in the new update of the app.

Snap Inc., filed a copyright claim under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), to delete the repository which is displaying the Snapchat source code.

Repository named Source-Snapchat removed from GitHub:

snapchat hacked repositary

Still it is ambigious what hidden data is leaked by this source code. Snap requested to GitHub which says, “we would appreciate you take down the whole thing “. An employee from Snap replied – “I AM [employee’s name] AT SNAP INC., OWNER OF THE LEAKED SOURCE CODE,”, whose name is not given.

Snap told a few online news channels that an iOS update in May unleashed a little bit of its iOS source code.

Finally the repository has now been removed from the GitHub and will not be published again till the uploader have the legal counter-claim.

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