ProtonMail DDoS attacks: UK teenager arrested

ProtonMail, a Swiss-based end-to-end email encryption utility, has declared the name of one of the hackers engaged with the DDoS assault against the firm prior this year. Because of the assault, the email utility of ProtonMail quit reacting for a moment a few times regardless of having sufficient moderation measures set up.


The distinguished attacker, an adolescent George Duke-Cohan, has been captured by the National Crime Agency, UK. The attacker confessed to being an individual from a criminal team Apophis Squad. Duke-Cohan is known by his online monikers “DoubleParallax,” “7R1D3N7,” and “Optcz1.” He was among the most “vocal” individuals from the team that stood out as truly newsworthy in 2018 a few times for various DDoS assaults propelled against sites including KrebsOnSecurity and

George Duke-Cohan

It is additionally announced that the individuals from the team were currently operating ProtonMail themselves yet they assaulted the organization’s servers many times and even reprimanded the security of the organization via web-based networking media. The 19-year old aggressor confessed at Luton Magistrates Court for three tallies of making counterfeit bomb dangers to schools in the UK.

As indicated by Andy Yen, the organizer of ProtonMail, it isn’t yet clear why the Apophis Squad or Duke-Cohan assaulted the encoded email specialist co-op since the team itself was operating this utility. Yen additionally uncovered that the organization associated contribution with different danger on-screen characters in the ongoing assault.

Yen stated that- “For DDoS specifically, we identified three separate threat actors this summer. We have names/addresses for two of them now, including obviously George from Apophis,”.

Yen trusts that ProtonMail is attacked because the organization is known for having solid encryption utility and is considered a dependable name in the business with regards to security. Accordingly, having the capacity to assault ProtonMail effectively gives the attackers an unequivocal authority to boast about their abilities and specialized capability.

Yen said that- “This subsequently allows these threat actors to sell their “services” for more money or gain notoriety. Apophis likely falls into this category as they also subsequently took down the FBI’s mail servers,”.

The attacker team Apophis Squad is vigorously motivated by another team of attackers, the Lizard Squad. The Lizard Squad is known for pretty much similar purposes behind which Apophis Squad is currently picking up fame. Reptile Squad, offered a DDoS-for-enlist benefit, influenced scam to bomb dangers to aircrafts, and propelled DDoS assaults against numerous sites.

In the end, every one of the individuals from Lizard Squad was captured and charged for doing cybercrimes. It is significant that the Apophis Squad likewise offered DDoS-for-Hire administration and it is facilitated on a similar server that hosts huge numbers of the areas operated by the Lizard Squad.

ProtonMail clarified how the organization showed how to track the attacker.

“In this endeavor, we were assisted by a number of cybersecurity professionals who are also ProtonMail users….By sifting through the clues, we soon discovered that some members of the Apophis Squad were, in fact, ProtonMail users. This was soon confirmed by a number of law enforcement agencies that reached out to us. It seemed that in addition to attacking ProtonMail, Duke-Cohan and his accomplices were engaged in attacking government agencies in a number of countries.”

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