Netflix ,Hulu And HBO GO subscribers Login Credential might be for sale on Dark Web

Netflix , Hulu and other streaming services’ credentials stolen.


Netflix , Hulu, DirectTV and HBO GO, popular streaming services are on the great risk. Piraters are selling hundreds of stolen username and passwords for these services on the dark web.

These kind of criminals activity put users at risk and also affects over-the-top (OTT) revenues.

In the month of April 2018, researchers from Irdeto discoveres that 854 bundles of login credentials were sold by 69 dark web sellers.

Durind first three months of year 2018, on an average of 74 million visits was noticed on the top 10 websites. Most of the traffic came from US, UK, Germany.

Average one-time price of a stolen account information is available for $8.81, while some seller offered no’s of stolen credentials at higher price.

Netflix has even closed accounts in 2016 for some users and also resets passwords of some users when they found the users data on sale.

Researchers from content-security firm Irdeto, suggested users to pay attention if any unfamiliar activity occurs on their accounts and change their passwords immediately.

Mark Mulready, Irdeto’s VP of cybersecurity services stated that-

“Content theft by pirates has become a full-fledged criminal enterprise, with some providing illegal subscriptions in an attempt to compete with established pay-TV operators,”.

How to secure your account?

  • Users should change passwords regularly.
  • Check for unfamiliar activity on your accounts.
  • Users should stop reusing the passwords for every service they use on the internet.
  • It is better to enable 2-factor authentication if the company provides the feature for the users or consider using a password manager if you have trouble keeping track.

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