This unique map shows free WiFi password from airports worldwide

map showing free WiFi Password

What you do when the flight is postponed or when you miss your flight?

There are only two options available that is just wait for the next Flight at the air terminal or the other thing is to search various stuffs online. But there can be a problem if you are running out of data. In this situation one need a public WiFi network along with network name and free wifi password.

Are these public WiFi network at airport secure to connect?

This question restrict the individual to connect to such network and sometime Credit Card Information are also asked by the user to connect to such network.

Is there any solution for this?

Yes, an IT security Specialist and Travel blogger has created a unique map which shows the Username and Password of public WiFi connections for almost every Air Terminal around the Globe. Anil Polat named this unique map as WiFox for travelers which not only provide WiFi Username and free WiFi Password to people but is also updated regularly.

Just select the desired airport on map and tap it, then in a while the guide will show you air terminal’s name, for example, name Durango-La Plata County Airport, Network name, and its Password free.

An attempt on Oslo was also made. There everybody gets two hours free WiFi, however as the map says you should simply put in an .edu email address and you have boundless access. Perfect, would it say it isn’t?  Simply tap on the plane symbol one by one to see all username and free wifi password .

Dear peruser, if it’s not too much trouble recall that utilizing an open or open WiFi association isn’t something that is suggested.
In principle, every one of the information on your telephone and any associated gadget, PC and administration can be gotten to by a vindictive performing artist. At least, you should dependably run a VPN on your gadget. For this situation, utilize Tor Onion
Browser or utilize ProtonVPN,  a free VPN from ProtonMail or download free Avira VPN for Android gadgets as it were!

You can likewise download WiFox’s  applications on Android and iOS.

Additionally, an IT security organization Skycure has launched a tool, which will alarm you in the event that there is a pernicious
WiFi network based on user’s Location . These instrument are used to find the networks which are dangerous and fix them.

tools which shows malicious network

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