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How to Avoid being Hacked — 5 Tips by David Kennedy

how to avoid being hacked

If Companies, Celebrities or Government organisation are becoming victims of Cyber-Attacks then for a common person it seems to be quite difficult to thwart such attacks.David Kennedy, former NSA hacker provide some steps for How to Avoid being Hacked which one can follow to hinder cyber-attacks.

According to Kennedy, Five tips which are supposed to be followed are :

Tip 1: Two-Factor Authentication

It is also known as 2-FA, TFA (as an acronym) or two step verification. Username and Password can easily be hacked by attackers. Inorder to overwhelm this Two-Factor Authentication is used. It put an extra layer of security which requires Username, Password and something that only the user have thus making it harder for hackers to gain access to personal information.

Mostly all social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Gmail or whatsapp provides 2-FA. Net-Banking also provide this feature.

Tip 2: Use of Distinct Password

Use distinct Password for every unique account although you find it difficult to remember, this is because use of same password everywhere probably provides the easiest way to hacker to break them (for example : if you have same twitter password as your net-banking password then breaking of one account password provide the access to second one easily)

Tip 3: Keep your system Up-To-Date

Every time you update your system then it usually fix the weak security patches which the hackers have figured out to get access into your system. So update your system regularly whether they are Mac OS, Window OS, Android OS or the third party application.

Tip 4: Be Careful on Social Media

Share only relevant information over social media.We as aggressors can take a look at that. Keeps eye at what you do, your ways of managing money, what you may do from an everyday point of view, going and purchasing Starbucks at a specific area. Those are everything that we can use to distinguish when you’re going to be out of the nation or when you’re going to be at a conference. We can utilize that as a strategy to attack you. One of the primary things that we do as Hacker, particularly with regards to social building, is we make a feeling of earnestness. Something that you’re acquainted with, yet you need to make a move upon.

So say for instance, I’m a Verizon client and I have an Amazon parcel that is being delivered to us. If I, as an attacker, know that an Amazon parcel is being delivered to us, sending an instant message from a Verizon client bolster benefit line originating from Amazon saying hello your parcel is being rerouted, you have to sign into the site to get it conveyed once more, is something that an attacker can utilize. So those are things that attacker can use as criticalness, how you really work, and all that data that you post online are things that we can use as assaults.

Tip 5: Personal Information

Do not share your personal information like social security numbers, credit card details, your bank details etc. You may have listen the cases that, a person receives a call from fraud service line asking the individual that their bank account have been closed due to some missing data and then asks the individual for their credit card details for reactivating the account. If a person by mistake give such credential then he may became the victim of financial theft.

So be cautious, the world is full of cyber-criminals.

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