How Apps Could Be Sneaking Malware Onto Your Android Device?

Google Play Store Malware

Is your Android device working tardily or prompts up irritating pop-ups? If yes, then your android device may be affected by malware through the Google Play Store.

Bleeping Computer a security research firm revealed that a number of mobile malware spreading has begun utilizing an tool known as a “dropper,” which hides the code inside an application.

Gaetan van Diemen a security researchers told the Bleeping Computer that, “In the Android Malware Ecosystem system, it is quite common for attacker to buy ‘Loader’ (dropper) services from other threat actor.”

These droppers essentially act as a Trojan Horse. The purpose of dropper is not to launch an attack on android devices in which the app is to be downloaded but it’s to gain access.

When such app in which the malicious code is embedded is submitted to Google Play Store, various test are performed and as nothing found harmful during the test so they are approved and placed in the Google Play Store which are later downloaded by the users.

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Diemen said that, “It is very hard to identify dropper applications because lots of effort has been made by the threat actors in keeping those applications undetected.”

Most of the Cyber-Security companies and research firms have been alerting about the outgrowth in the use of droppers in the Mobile market for some time now.

A report by Avast Threat Labs uncover that some Android devices, which are not certified by Google, built by companies like Archos and ZTE, come pre-installed with malware deploying droppers.

The reason behind the growth of dropper is that they’re quite successful in gaining access to your Andoid phone and are regularly winding up on apps in the Google Play Store.

Google should rethink about the terms of its Play store and what it allows Android application developers inorder to minimize the growth of droppers.

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