Clinton’s Private Email Server was Hacked by China — claimed Trump

Today, FBI issued a short statement regarding President Donald J. Trump’s claim via Twitter that previous Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private mail server had been hacked by the Chinese government.

An FBI representative in response to an inquiry by NBC News issued the official statement which reads, “The FBI has not found any evidence that the servers were compromised.”

Just after midnight this morning, Trump in response to Daily Caller article tweeted:

As per June report from the Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General, there was no evidence which shows that Clinton’s mail servers had been compromised—however full measurable examination of the servers was not possible as one of the servers was disposed of by the time of the Investigations.

However, as the OIG report related, the FBI’s PC forensics specialist who was associated with the Clinton email examination disclosed to OIG agents that:

…although he did not believe there was “any way of determining…100%” whether Clinton’s servers had been compromised, he felt “fairly confident that there wasn’t an intrusion.” When asked whether a sophisticated foreign adversary was likely to be able to cover its tracks, he stated, “They could. Yeah. But I, I felt as if we coordinated with the right units at headquarters… for those specific adversaries… And the information that was returned back to me was that there was no indication of a compromise.”

The Daily Caller’s cases are connected to articulations and inquiries asked by Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tex.) during declaration by (now previous) FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok before the House Judiciary Committee. Gohmert referenced a letter from I. Charles McCullough III, the Inspector General of the knowledge network, in which Gohmert said McCullough had portrayed “abnormalities” in Clinton messages. They declared that the peculiarities demonstrated the majority of the messages going through Clinton’s server were being sent to an “unauthorized entities” that Gohmert said was “unrelated to Russia.” Strzok denied that such data had been passed along to him.

There is a characterized addendum to the Justice OIG report, so the full degree of the confirmation considered in the Clinton examination may not be known for quite a long time.

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