Hiddad Android malware founded on Google Store, Please Beware!!

Hiddad malware is present on the Google’s official Play store with more than 50k+ downloads.


Quick Heal Security Lab has recently spotted Hiddad Malware on Google Play store.

Hiddad Malware is an ad-distributing malware for Android devices. There are a lots of apps on Google Play Store which hide after installation and pop-ups full-screen ads after a particular time period. Although if users want to uninstall these apps from their phone, they won’t be able to find it in the application manager as it was installed with the name ‘Google Play Service, Google Play Store’ and uses genuine apps’ icon such as of Google Play Store, Android icon or YouTube’s icon.

All the apps containing malware, which are currently present on Play Store have very low rating and less number of downloads. But apps with Hiddad Malware, get lots of 5-star ratings from victims and not for the expected reasons. Hiddad is a YouTube downloading app and it is labeled as Tube mate or Snap Tube on the Google Play Store. The apps spreading this malware are having lots of 5-star ratings from the victims.

Quick Heal Security Lab has also reported this threat to Google and those apps containing Hiddad have been removed from Play store.

How to Uninstall this Malware from your Phone?

Steps to uninstall such apps from your phone:

  1. Open Application Manager from the phone’s setting.
  2. Find out fake Google Play Store, Google Play Service.
  3. Uninstall such applications from your phone.

Precautions to stay safe from Malwares:

  • Read the application description before downloading it from Play Store.
  • Check the app developer’s name before downloading, if it looks strange then don’t download the app.
  • Check the reviews, comments and rating there.
  • Don’t download apps from third party applications, avoid them.
  • Install a antivirus app in your mobile, if not downloaded.

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