Department of labor, south africa

Self-confessed Hacker Targets Department of Labor Site

The infamous programmer who goes by the Twitter name Paladin (@VirusSec) has struck again – this time focusing on the sites of the Department of Labor and SA Express.

Department of labor, south africa


On Friday evening, Paladin contacted a News24 journalist and asked him to take a look at the website of Department of Labor. At the point when the writer checked the site, and it was all fine, the site was working as usual.

However, minutes after the fact, the Twitter user requested columnist check the site once more. And this time when the journalist accessed it again the site was totally out of reach. After an additional couple of minutes, the site had returned to normal.

The self-admitted programmer revealed to News24 that it was a 10.4-second assault and that the journalist was informed about the attack so that the government later would not be able to deny that the website has been attacked. Not only this, @VirusSec included that a full-scale assault would be propelled soon on an administration site of his choice.

On Saturday, the space for SA Express,, likewise went down.

The two sites anyway were practical again on Sunday morning. The assaulter showed that he was focusing on Nigerian and Zimbabwean government sites on Sunday.

Government Communication and Information Systems representative Phumla Williams disclosed to News24 that she couldn’t remark on the issue because she didn’t have all the facts.

Beforehand, in an immediate message to News24 on Twitter, @VirusSec said that government websites were being focused on because “the present South African government is voracious, and it needs to change”.

Earlier this month, Paladin shut down the Cybersecurity Hub site in the same manner (i.e., contacted News24 before the site was shut down).

The Twitter client has likewise assumed liability for site assaults on the sites of the Presidency and the Department of Environmental Affairs.

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