Google takes down Ahoy! from its store

Ahoy Chrome

Google has removed an anti-censorship extension named ‘Ahoy’ from its Chrome web-store. The comapny is going against Google’s motto.The extension ‘Ahoy!’ is open-source and code is available on GitHub.

Revolução dos Bytes(Bytes’ Revolution), a Portuguese anti-censorship group developed this extension. The ‘Ahoy’ extension helps to bypass blocked websites through their own proxies. This allows a user to browse the block sites freely.

Henrique Mouta, from an anti-censorship group claimed that Ahoy! had 185,000 users on Chrome before being taken down by Google. He stated that –

“Google decided to remove us from Chrome’s Web Store without any justification”.


The developer of the extension has tried to re-submit the extension to the Chrome Web Store but it failed. At last, the extension has more than 174K active users and the no. is dropping at the rate of 500 users/per day.

After querying from Google about why the extension was removed from its webstore, they got a reply –

“The source code is 100% open source,so it’s easy to see that we’re not doing anything sketchy , we really care about our users’ privacy and security . If we’re doing something wrong, we don’t know what”

This extension is working fine on Firefox browser. It is available on Mozilla’s Firefox add-on repository. But for chrome, developers has uploaded this extension on a new site, users can download this extension manually from their new site.

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