android 9 pie

Google released Android P, officially called it Android 9 Pie

android 9 pie

The latest release of Android is here. After a year of development and months of testing the new Android 9.0 is ready to be launched by the Google. ‘Android Pie’ that’s the name which is assigned to the version 9.0 and is equipped with features that make your smartphones even more smarter than before. Android 9 Pie that’s what google named it.

Android 9 Pie is powered by AI for a smarter and better experience which enhance the applications to drive engagement with the users. New features like Adaptive Brightness, Adaptive Battery, Notifications and smart reply, Text Magnifier, Stronger protection for private keys and much more.

For now, Android 9 Pie comes for the Pixel users and will be available to other Android users in the coming months. However, Google can possibly at long last show efforts in its endeavors to get other Android producers to update quickly this year. Several manufactureres took an interest in the Android P beta program, including Sony, Xiaomi, Nokia, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, and Essential.

5 best Android P Features

android p features

1- Adaptive battery

adaptive battery

Battery usage is main concern for every phone users and the new Android version come with Adaptive Battery which uses machine learning to optimize that how the application use battery.

Four new App Standby Buckets are used which transists from time to time depending on state of application i.e., actively used or rarely used.

2-Adaptive Brightness

adaptive brightnessNew Algorithm powered by AI is also introduced which learns how users like to set the brightness in different settings and this helps in saving the battery consumption too.

3-App Action

app actionThis feature will helps users to get things faster by predicting what the user wish to do next and display them on the screen. And the user can handle the tasks from key touch-points across the system like the Launcher and Smart Text Selection, Google Search app, and the Assistant.


android slices

This feature allow apps to provide remote content to users. For an instance, if you typed “Lyft” in the main search, you’d get a button to call a ride without opening the Lyft app.

5- Security and Privacy

Google says Android Pie empowers industry-driving equipment security abilities that permit ensuring your sensistive data, like credit card information utilizing a safe, dedicated chip. Other than this, Android Pie additionally brings critical security enhancements, similar to “TLS by dafault and DNS over TLS to help ensure all web interchanges and keep them private.”

Not only this, Google has likewise presented new Gesture Based System route in Android Pie that highlights a Single Home Button, Gesture Navigation, and Wi-Fi round-trip time (RTT).

Finally, Google rolled out Android P and now Google aims to possibly launch its next update version Android Q in the upcoming year. Also, Google will try with its full potential to distribute this version Android 9.0 to all other Android mobile manufacturers.

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