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Google Chrome introduces new policy to remove Anti-virus

Google Chrome popups for uninstalling offending programs from PC.

google chrome

Chrome started displaying alerts requesting users to remove apps that are considered “not compatible” with the Chrome Browser as they may add extra code into a browser’s activities. The alerts are shown after Chrome crashes and requests the users to remove any virus defender programs claiming these applications are keeping the browser from working properly.


A huge number of clients have seen the alert recommending Bitdefender anti-virus should be eliminated from the PC. Google chrome telling users to uninstall a security solution is absurd. If the users uninstall the offending program then PC will be at risk of malware infection and other bad sectors,due to these alerts Bogdan Boteztu, a senior e-threat analyst at Bitdefender said –

“From August 20 onwards the anti-virus will stop monitoring Chrome version 66 with their anti-exploit technology.”

This will be regarding for the clients who are using both Bitdefender and updated version of Chrome in their system as Chrome will no longer be protected when surfing the web.

Now, Chrome is suggesting some Anti-virus sellers for example Symantec, AVG, Malwarebytes and Kaspersky to be removed from the PC as they are adding extra code into Chrome’s processes.

Kaspersky Lab stated that –

“Kaspersky Lab is aware of Google Chrome showing alerts that the company’s applications are incompatible with the browser. We have contacted Google to find a solution and we are continuing to look for possible workarounds to resolve this issue.

Having our code injected into the Chrome browser is an important part of the overall internet security approach implemented by security vendors to provide users with safe web surfing. For example, it is critical for a feature of Secure Input that blocks attempts of stealing sensitive data like credit card number, login, password, with malware (keyloggers) installed on user’s devices.”

Now, Avast and AVG commented on this alert-

“We have fixed this issue and our products are not reported by Chrome.”

Avast and AVG vendors are modifying their products according to Chrome’s new policies.
Each and every seller is now facing this problem in different ways. The are updating their program to adapt chrome’s new policy.

Finally, Google will need to introduce some feature that can be used to whitelist these security applications so that users can stay safe.

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