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Family Orbit: a spyware company exposed 281GB of data

Family Orbit, a company that marks itself as “the best parental control app to protect your kids.”

family Orbit

What else could be more amusing then a spyware firm getting to be powerless against hackers and spies? In the last 3 months, hackers have breached data from lots of spyware firms such as FlexiSpy, Retina-X, TheTruthSpy, Mobistealth, Spy Master Pro, Spyfone and SpyHuman. This time, it is the parental control application Family Orbit that purportedly left 281 gigabytes of information on the weak-security server.

Family Orbit is a parental control app which left the pictures of hundreds of its clients’ information online. It is surveillance software ordinary people use to spy on their loved ones. The spyware selling firm uncovered the data on unsecured servers, making it unsafe against hacking. A hacker founded the flaw with the server after which he stated about it to Motherboard.

As revealed by the anonymous hacker, the company’s server had a straightforward secret key security that is quite easy to guess. After snooping into the server, the hacker found a few gigabytes of information containing a lot of clients’ data.

“I had all photos uploaded from the phones of kids being monitored, and also some screenshots of the developer’s desktops which exposed passwords and other secrets.”

A hacker stated – The company left uncovered 3,836 containers on Rackspace with 281 gigabytes of pictures and videos.

The hacker had shared the screenshots of this happening with Motherboard, after which, Motherboard also confirmed the breach. Subsequent to being advised of the issue, Family Orbit affirmed the data leak while clarifying about the fix.

The company verified that those were active users trying to register using email addresses. With all the six emails, the site said the addresses were already in use.
An employee from this firm stated that –

“We have immediately changed our API key and login credentials. The sales and the services have been taken offline until we ensure all vulnerabilities are fixed.”

While the company claims to provide the “best parental control app”, they perhaps failed at maintaining their own data security. Finally, the company fixed the flaw before a hacker could exploit it. This is another breach from an endless series of hack and data leaks in the spyware company.

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