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How to enable Chrome Kiosk Mode in Windows 10?

chrome kiosk mode

Set up Chrome Kiosk Mode on Windows 10.  If another person works on your PC, Chrome Kiosk mode helps with making a second client profile on Google Chrome. The second client visitor will have full-screen Chrome program with none of your own information.

Chrome Kiosk Mode is a feature that lets the PC to be utilized in the similar window. It uses a straightforward method of obstructing the entrance to alternate parts of the gadget. Kiosk Mode isn’t selective just for Google Chrome. The chrome kiosk mode can be used for Guest account on a specific URL.

It is helpful if in the event that any individual uses the PC wherein you’d rather support they uses a similar browser. With this chrome kiosk mode, you can manage that.

Steps to enable Chrome kiosk mode

Step 1 – Open up Chrome’s settings.

chrome kiosk mode

Step 2 – Under “Users” click “Add person.”

chrome kiosk mode
Step 3 – Give the new profile a name and picture.

Ensure “Create a desktop shortcut for this user” is checked. Click on “Add” button below to proceed further. Now the desktop will contain two accounts of Chrome – the first one and the new one(having the newly entered name).

chrome kiosk mode

Step 4 – Right-click the newly-created shortcut and select “Properties.”

chrome kisok mode

Step 5 – In the “Target” field, add “–kiosk” (no quotes) to the end.

chrome kisok mode

Step 6 – At last click on “Apply” button and further click on “OK” button to finish setting up kiosk mode in chrome browser and enable kiosk mode chrome.

Now open this newly created shortcut to open up kiosk mode chrome. And after doing the work guest user can close the browser to exit kiosk mode chrome.

You can also disable kiosk mode chrome by deleting the previously created profile in the above steps. Or by removing the “–kiosk” command written in the target field of the newly created kiosk mode chrome.

To download Google Chrome click here: Google Chrome Installation

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