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37,000 Eir Company Customers Details Exposed in a Breach

More than 37,000 Eir company customers personal details have been exposed in a Breach. Personal Details including Email address, Names, Phone Numbers and Eir Customer Number and more was no more to be confidential. However, company confirms that financial data relating to customer was not compromised in this breach.

eir company

Founded on 6 September, 1999, Eir is one of the largest mobile and broadband telecommunication company in Ireland and about 3,437 employees currently work here.

According to statement given by Eir company, “On 12 August, an un-encrypted Laptop laptop was stolen offsite which contains the customer details.”

Eir company also said that the Breach was reported immediately to the Data Protection Commissioner & Gardaí and they have still no idea whether the compromised data has been used by a third party.

The customer whose data have been compromised are receiving Emails from the company. And even said that, No one can access the customer Eir account although they had this information.

In a statement Company  Said, “Eir treats privacy and protection of all data extremely seriously and our policy is that all company laptops should be encrypted as well as password protected. In this case the laptop had been Decrypted by a faulty security update the previous working day, which had affected a subset of our laptops and was subsequently resolved.”

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