What is Dropshipping Business?

Dropshipping is a very profitable and fast-growing online business. Many people are earning thousands of dollars per month with this business. In simple words, you have an online store and sell products that you even don’t own, via this store. The customers buy products from your website (online store) and place an order. They will pay you money, and those products will be shipped by the supplier directly to your customer. Moreover, You can choose a supplier to deliver the product.

What is dropshipping business ?

How to start your Dropshipping Business with AliExpress

Just 3 steps to be followed and you will be owner of an Online Store. Below are the 3 steps:

  • First step is to Buy a Domain Name & Hosting 
  • Second step is create a Website (Online Store) using WordPress.
  • Final step is to customize the Online Store (i.e., plugin setup, adding items to store)
Step 1: Buy a Domain Name and Hosting Provider

Let us first have a look that what a Domain Name is?

Domain name is the name of your website. It’s the Domain name which represents your whole Business (i.e., what service you will offer to your clients). So, Selection of a Domain Name should be done very carefully. You should choose a relevant and professional domain name.

Following points should be kept in mind while buying a domain name:

  • Your domain name should be niche specific.
  • Avoid very long Domain Name (2-3 words domain name will be good choice).
  • Select “.com” it is more trustworthy and easy to remember. “.com” name attract customers to buy some product.

Buy Hosting Service:

You are going to create an online store manually (i.e., without doing any actual coding using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Php, MySql and many more). And for creating an Online Store manually, WordPress is best as it provide good user interface and can be easily understood. Not only this, WordPress platform is compatible with most of the hosting provider worldwide due to its lightweight scripts. You can choose one out of multiple platform which are providing one-click WordPress installation. I am using fastcomet and I will describe tutorial by using fastcomet.

Update NameServer:

I bought a domain from “bigrock.com.”  So, I will guide you to the process, “How to update name server at bigrock website.” 

Steps to Update Name Server

  1. Open “bigrock.com” website
  2. Click on login/SignUp
  3. Provide login credential (username and password) and click on “login” (if you are a new user then click create new account, to get the one)
  4. Click on the domain name.
  5. Click on nameserver and update nameserver detail, provided by fastcomet.

nameserver update

Step 2: Install WordPress Website in One Click

In order to install the WordPress in one click simply follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open https://my.fastcomet.com/clientarea.php and login with credential (username and password).
  2. Click on cPanel under manage section, and again provide your password to access control panel.
  3. Go to “SOFTACULOUS APPS INSTALLER” and Click on WordPress Icon.
    1 Access Control panel

2 click on WordPress icon

install wordpress

  1. Software Setup
    1. Choose Protocol HTTP:// or https:// I am choosing https:// because I have installed SSL certificate on my website pinpointsite.com. If you want to install free SSL certificate for your website then read this section thoroughly.
    2. Choose website name
    3. Leave blank because I am going install WordPress in the root directory.
      3 wordpress software setup
  2. Site Settings: Give the relevant site name and description
  3. Admin Account: Give Username and a strong password, then provide an email address. Learn how to create an email address using fastcomet.
  4. Choose Language: I am going to create a store in English. I have chosen the English language.
  5. Scroll down and click on Install

Login your website dashboard by clicking on Administrative login link. Provide username set for WordPress website. I have used admin and password for explaining the stuff.

pinpointesite is ready

Congratulation!! you have installed WordPress successfully.

Step 3: Setup Alidropship Plugin and Convert website into Webstore

Alidropship Plugin is a very powerful plugin to convert your WordPress website into webstore. It provides a complete set of features that allow you to easily start and run a successful drop shipping webstore.

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Downloading and installing Alidrpoship Plugin

AliDropship Plugin is amazing for starting the dropshipping business online. It offers all features that allow you to set up and run a dropshipping online store successfully.

Now, as your website is ready, its time to convert it into a Webstore and for doing so you will need AliDropship plugin. Just follow the steps mentioned below for installing AliDropship Plugin.

  1. Buy and download AliDropship Plugin.
  2. Login to your WordPress website created earlier using Login credential (type yourdomainname.com/wp-admin to open the login panel).
  3. Go to the Plugin tab in the dashboard and then Click on Add New Button.
  4. Click on Upload Plugin button.
  5. Click on Choose File button, and browse your downloaded plugin.
  6. Click on Install Button.
  7. Click on Activate Plugin.

 Upload Alidrpo plugin image 01

2 upload pluginUpload Alidrpo plugin image 02

activate alidrop pluginUpload Alidrpo plugin image 03

Click on Alidropship tab to proceed for entering the license key. As you know your personal license key is valid only with one domain name, so don’t share with anyone. If you want to create another webstore in future, a license key for the current store will be deactivated and activated to another store.

alidrop plugin license key

Adding and Installing Theme Compatible with AliDropship

Once you complete Plugin installation, Next step is to install the theme. Follow the steps mentioned below to add Theme.

  1. Download the theme first https://alidropship.com/themes/ (I suggest downloading Davinci theme)
  2. Go to Appearance > Themes > Add New.
  3. Click on Upload theme button.
  4. Click on Choose File button and browse the downloaded file.
  5. Click on Install Now button.
  6. Click on Activate for activating the theme.

upload new theme

Step 4: Fill your store with Products:-

The process of importing products from AliExpress website by using AliDropship plugin is fast and easy, you can add multiple products to your store without limitation.

Keep in mind before adding products, focus on those that have 4+ rating and are ordered more than 300 times. It will add advantage for your store, if you offer free shipping / low cost delivery items. Many suplier on AliExpress provides free shiping option.

When possible, try to use only products with free or cheap epacket shipping. Most products on AliExpress are posted from china. Epacket delivery is a quickest way for shipping small goods to Unites States as well as to other countires also.

  • Use the AliDropship Google Chrome extension for searching and adding products to your store with an free /epacket shipping. 
  • Follow the following steps: 
  • Install the AliDropship Google Chrome extension.
  • Go to AliExpress.com and start searching for products.
  • If the AliDropship Chrome extension is activated on your browser, it will detect and show you the items with ePacket automatically:



  • Visit the product page and click the Import button on the top red panel. The product will be sent to your site.

    If you want to edit product before importing them, click Edit button. Change product title, description, price, image gallery, variations as you wish and Publish or Import product.

After your products were added to your store, you can edit product descriptions or at least product titles in order to make them unique and look more professional. Having your own unique content will serve your business to rank well on Google and will help you convert better on product pages

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