Cree Employee Accused for Stealing Secrets Worth more than $100 million


An employee at Research Triangle Park(Cree) , Coy Bell,  charged with larceny by employee and  is accused for stealing 32000 thousands files which consists of sensitive information and intellectual property worth more than $100 million.

Cree, founded in 1987 is widely known for development of LED Lightning. Beside this the company also manufacture chips and electronic component for power-supply and radio-frequency applications.

The investigation started on the evening of May 4, when a Cree worker found a microSD card laying close to sidewalk of the Cree campus, as indicated by the affirmation. According to the affidavit such storage devices are prohibited within the company’s campus as a part of company’s security protocol.

The founded memory card contains “highly confidential” documents covering “virtually every aspect of a process which was developed over the past 30 years with hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of investments,” Hooks told the judge.

Hooks said that the, Cree’s IT staff resolute that the documents were downloaded onto the card from Bell’s work PC, but he didn’t specify what Bell’s activity was at the organization.

A video tape is also recorded by the surveillance cameras on May 4, in which Coy Bell inserts the Micro SD in his work computer and copied the files. Not long after, an outside camera recorded Bell strolling outside near the spot where the one of company’s employee found that card later that afternoon.

Bell wasn’t approved to have the documents that were found on the microSD card, or to have any electronic storage devices on campus, Hooks said.

After interrogation, Hooks arrested and jailed Bell however Bell posted bail and left custody on june 20.

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