Bristol Airport

Bristol Airport flight details screen went blank by Ransomware Attack

Bristol Airport has blamed a ransomware for influencing flight display screens to fail for two days.

Bristol Airport

A cyber attack at the Bristol Airport in the UK causes the flight display screens to fail for two days. The PCs used in showing the flight information are influenced.

This event likely took place on Friday morning which influenced all the flight display screen and the Airport staffs used Whiteboard to give flight details as reported by BBC.

An airplane terminal representative said the data screens were disconnected on Friday because of the ransomware attack.

Bristol Airport reports that the flights are not influenced and requested the passengers to come airport early for check-in and boarding their respective flights.

They are presently working again at “key areas” within the departures and arrivals, and work is proceeding to recover the entire website in the normal state.

The representative said no payment had been paid to get the PCs working fine again.”The indications are that this was a speculative attempt rather than targeted attack on Bristol Airport.”

Ransomware is a type of malware in which PC infections undermine to erase documents until a payoff is paid.

Representative James Gore stated:
“We believe there was an online attempt to target part of our administrative systems and that required us to take a number of applications offline as a precautionary measure, including the one that provides our data for flight information screens. That was done to contain the problem and avoid any further impact on more critical systems.”

The flight display screen again started working fine on Sunday and the tweet was posted from this Airport official account along with its display screen.

Further, the airport representative said that: “We are grateful to passengers for their patience while we have been working to resolve issues with flight information this weekend. Digital screens are now live in arrivals and departures. Work will continue to restore complete site-wide coverage as soon as possible.

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