BlueBugging, Bluejacking and Bluesnarfing — Technique to Hack Bluetooth Devices


Before we talk about Bluebugging and other techniques of bluetooth hacking used by hackers to control your device, let us go for some general information which might be useful to us.

Today, almost every one has a smartphone. According to a report by statista, number of mobile phone users throughout the world is expected to pass five billion mark by 2019 and this graph will further expands as the time pass on.

As the use of Smartphones is becoming quite common among the generation more number of people are becoming victims of Cyber Attack. And this is all because of faulty measures about which users doesn’t pay attention.

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All of us has heard the name of Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) Hacking. But can a Smart phone be Hacked via Bluetooth ? If so, then How? That’s is our main topic of concern which we will cover up.

So, Firstly lets see what a Bluetooth is?

Bluetooth was Invented by a Dutch Electrical Engineer Jaap Haartsen in 1994 and is Wireless Technology Standard for exchanging Data over short distances from fixed and mobile devices (i.e., Peer-to-Peer based network technology).

Many electronic devices, smartphones and speakers uses this technology. When bluetooth devices are paired with lack of security functions then this create an easy entrance point for hackers.

If your smartphone is hacked via Bluetooth connection then you are possibly at risk that your phone data including pictures, videos, contact, meaasges and other information may be compromised.

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Beneath are the three popular methods which the hackers used to gain access into your smartphone:

  • Bluejacking
  • Bluesnarfing
  • Bluebugging

Bluejacking is the sending of spontaneous messages (spam messages) to the bluetooth devices which are discoverable by the hackers. This method can be used just for sending text messages to peoples and it does not give hackers the full access to your phone.

Generally, this form of hacking is not harmful, it is just done to frustate peoples.

Just ignore the messages you received, this is the best way to deal with Bluejacking. Keep your bluetooth device “invisible”or “non-discoverable” in the public places. Doing this can prevent you from the next Two popular forms of hacks.


Bluesnarfing helps the hacker to gain the unauthorized access to bluetooth devices. Calenders, emails, text messages and contact list can be accessed by the attackers.

This form of Bluetooth attack is more powerful than Bluejacking as it is capable to hack devices even if the device is set to “invisible” or “non-discoverable” by guessing the device MAC address via a brute force attack.

Bluetooth uses a 48-bit unique MAC Address, in which the first 24 bits are common to a manufacturer. The remaining 24 bits are guessed by brute force which requires near about 8.4 million attempts.

Using this attack, Incoming calls and messages can be diverted to another devices by the attackers without the user’s knowledge. But still Banking Information can be accesed using this method. For accessing such data Bluebugging is used.


Bluebugging help hackers to gain total access and control of your device. Any type of data either multimedia or non-multimedia is compromised in this.

Martin Herfurt, a German researcher developed this form of attack in 2004, one year after the advent of Bluejacking. This form of attack works well on old phones with outdated firmware. Smartphones with updated firmware are more difficult to hack using this technique.

Special software are setup by hackers that searches for vulnerable devices in which the Bluetooth connection is active. Shopping mall, railway station, and airport are the places where such software are setup are placed.

Although the attack can done in limited range of few metres but still it costs a lot.

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