Bank of Spain hit by DDos Attack

Bank of Spain website hit by the DDOS attack

On Last Sunday, Bank of Spain website hit by the DDOS attack (Distributed Denial-of-Service attack) which interrupt access to the website.

Bank of Spain hit by DDos Attack

A spokesman for the bank revealed to Reuters that the attack didn’t influence the Bank’s administrations or communication with the European Central Bank or different organizations.

“It is Distributed Denial-of-Service attack that irregularly affects access to our site, but it has had no impact on the typical working of the bank,” the representative told the newswire service.

Andrew Lloyd, president of Corero Network Security revealed to SC Media that, “On Tuesday afternoon site became offline and it’s still hazy if the site is down because of a continuous attack, because of recuperating from the harm of the underlying assault, or even a safeguard.”

Lloyd said, “The ongoing direction from the Bank of England requires banks to have the digital flexibility to ‘resist and recover’ with an overwhelming accentuation on the resist.”

Lloyd also added that whatever assurance the Bank of Spain had set up to oppose a DoS assault has unmistakably ended up to be insufficient to keep this blackout.

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