Script Kiddie

Avoid Becoming a ScriptKiddie but How?

Script Kiddie

Let us first take overview that what is Scriptkiddie.

A scriptkiddie is basically a person who has some basic information about computer system and its operations, but at the same time lacks the knowledge or desire to uncover and misuse security holes without the use of any tools which are written by good Hackers. Script Kiddie just use tools that transcendent the underlying concepts of computer security.

Script kiddies are widely considered to be sluggish, unfledged and obviously not hackers. And being a script kiddie will not gain any assimilation in the communities of Hackers.

1. Programming Languages should be learned deeply.

The Languages which the hacker mostly prefer are C, C++ or Python, and which language to opt out of three depend on the individual. As VBScript or Batch languages are not technically Strong, they are shell scripts and shell script have many limitations when they are compared to fully featured programming languages. Some languages like Visual Basic have bad reputations therefore should be avoided.

2. Understand the underlying concepts of operating systems functionality (i.e. the Kernel).

Working of both operating system (i.e., Windows and Linux operating system) should be known in depth.

3. Do not endanger to hack the people you hates the most.

Well doing hacking just to tease people you hates the most makes you immature and insignificant. The one thing you can do is just go for logical debates instead of having the mentality of destroying someone.

4. Forbid Self promotion .

Although you are good at programming in assembly language then it’s marketing should not be done.

5. Stay away from the community of black-hat hacker.


Black-hat hacker are generally malicious hackers who do hacking for self-entertainment, expose people and for selfish gain.If a person by mistake caught doing such activities like hack people’s computers for steal the information then you can even be arrested and finding a job will also be difficult. Just use your skills to help others and try to be a good Ethical Hacker.

6. First understand the whole concept then use the tools.

Creating your own exploits is possible only if and only if you investigates the tool thoroughly this is because most of the companies also investigates the tools which can harm them and find a solution to overcome such tools thus tools usually don’t work for long.

7.  Keep an active social life and extend your interests.

Hackers sometime lost themselves in achieving their task that they even can’t have interest in making friends or ignore them.

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