AdGuard resets passwords of all clients after account hacks

AdGuard, a famous ad blocker for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac, has reset all client passwords, the organization’s CTO Andrey Meshkov declared today.


The organization took this judgment after the brute-force attack, meanwhile, an obscure hacker attempted to sign into client accounts by speculating their passwords.

Meshkov said the hacker utilized emails and passwords that were beforehand spilled into the common people after data leaks at different organizations.

This sort of assault – utilizing breached usernames and passwords to hack into accounts at different firms – is known as credential stuffing.

The AdGuard CTO said hackers were effective in their attack and accessed some AdGuard accounts, utilized for saving ad blocker settings.

“We don’t know what accounts exactly were accessed by the attackers,” Meshkov said. “All passwords stored in AdGuard database are encrypted so we cannot check whether any of them is present in the known leaked database. That’s why we decided to reset passwords of all users.”

The firm says it executed the Have I Been Pwned API into their current system with the goal that when clients will arrange a new password, the AdGuard infrastructure will caution them when they’re utilizing passwords breached at different firms.

Security Notice from this organization.

Meshkov said AdGuard presently likewise utilizes stricter guidelines for making passwords, and they additionally expect to help two-factor authentication (2FA) what’s to come.

The executive from this firm stated that the organization got some answers concerning the assault after its rate-restricting frameworks recognized the various login requests, in between the password speculating period of the assault.

The majority of the assaults were ceased, however, some were fruitful, which generally has a tendency to happen when hackers luck out and figure the best possible sequence in their single login attempt.

It is vague what the hackers were endeavoring to do with such low-esteem accounts.

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